Project Top 10 TITANS of the SM/USM RU Metagame (LIST COMPLETE)

Gonna go on a limb and say Gligar. People forget that that thing was able to cement together teams almost by itself, and was able to form the most unreal defensive cores, and balance backbones in the Gen 7 RU meta. We don't have anything else even remotely like Gligar in the tier


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Sharpedo is #7 titan!! Only 3 more slots to go.

Voting for #8 STARTS NOW. Really interesting in seeing how the rest of spots will look like.


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It should go to Gligar. That Pokemon was so easy to slap on a team and it would just work. Defog, set Rocks, stallbreak, wall, pivot, it could do it all and it did it excellently. Gligar was amazing when it was in RU and it should be a top 10 mon for sure.
YES Gligar getting its love. Voting for it again. Another reminder just think of how absolutely glue Gligar was, with utility, recovery, and resisitance. Normally I wouldn't sit to advocate but in RU Gligar truly glued 85% of the tier together by itself. Top tier mon

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